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Spc. Robert Weilbacher during an outing on Dobongsan Mountain in South Korea. He says he would go to the picturesque area “to escape the military and clear my head.” Another way he dealt with stress while stationed in South Korea was to meditate in Buddhist temples. (Robert A. Weilbacher
The military in the United States portrays itself as endowed with the highest virtues—honor, duty, self-sacrifice, courage and patriotism. Politicians, entertainers, sports stars, the media, clerics and academics slavishly bow before the military machine, ignoring its colossal pillaging of state resources, the egregious war crimes it has normalized across the globe, its abject service not to democracy or freedom but corporate profit, and the blind, mind-numbing obedience it inculcates among its members. A lone soldier or Marine who rises up inside the system to denounce the hypermasculinity that glorifies violence and war, who exposes the false morality of the military, who refuses to kill in the service of imperial power, unmasks the military for what it is. And he or she, as Chelsea Manning has learned, swiftly pays a very, very heavy price.

Thou Shalt Not Kill

This U.S. Army photo, provided by the Tacoma, Wash., News-Tribune, shows Staff Sergeant Robert Bales in March, 2012. The Army's caption describes it as being taken the night of the attacks. Bales, who murdered 16 Afghan villagers in 2012, says he had lost compassion for Iraqis and Afghans over the course of his four combat deployments. The News Tribune newspaper obtained an eight-page letter Bales wrote to the senior Army officer at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., requesting that his life sentence be reduced. He said his mind was "consumed by war," and that after being in prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan, for two years he now understands that what he thought was normal was the farthest thing from it.(U.S. Army/Tacoma News-Tribune via AP)
Soldier who killed 16 Afghans says he was ‘consumed by war’ Associated Press – 7 June 2015 TACOMA, Washington (AP) — The U.S. soldier who murdered 16 Afghan villagers in 2012 says he had lost compassion for Iraqis and Afghans over the course of his four combat deployments. The News […]

Another reason to not let your child enlist in the ...

Ninety-eight Percent of the Victims are Innocent Civilians Accolades for Tim Martin: Can the Complicit British Government Give a Rational Answer to His question? Drone Warfare 8 June 2015 Tim Martin, a HVAC engineer and camera-shy freelance writer with a degree in philosophy, in his article in the Eureka Times Standard, […]

Drone Warfare and “Collateral Damage”

Global Research, June 08, 2015 Palestine News Network 8 June 2014 China has told Israel it will not allow migrant builders to work on settlements in the occupied West Bank, a senior Israeli government official said on Monday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged during his reelection campaign to step […]

China refuses sending Workers to West Bank Settlements

Ban Ki-moon Decides Not to Include Israel in the List of Violators of Children’s Rights Global Research, June 08, 2015 Hemaya Center for Human Rights Ban Ki-moon’s decision not to include Israel on the list of violators of children’s rights twists the knife in the heart of every Palestinian parent, […]

U.N. Spurns Palestinian Children

Canada’s Genocide against First Nations’ Children. Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Whitewash Canada’s Elaborate Coverup of its own Genocide nevertheless proves Guilt, Criminal Intent of Government, Churches By Dr. Gary G. Kohls Global Research, June 04, 2015 “They have lost their legal and moral right to exist …” – Brussels Tribunal […]

Canada’s Genocide Goes Unpunished

May 39, 2015 by Tony Cartalucci – New Eastern Journal As the plight of the Rohingya, driven from Myanmar into the sea, gains increasing international attention, the same familiar voices across the West have begun climbing upon their soapboxes and pointing fingers at each and every nation refusing to accept […]

Who’s Driving the Rohingya into the Sea?

By Philip Bump May 25, 2015 Somewhere in the ever-flowing river of flotsam that is Twitter, a simple data point offered by a college commencement speaker jumped out at me before being borne away on the tide of immediacy. This bit of data: The speaker was ABC journalist Martha Raddatz, […]

Here’s how much of your life the United States has ...

These children all have hydrocephalus from left to right is Huu Loc (aged 3), Ti Ni (12), Tinh (4) and Tu (5). Photo: Ash Anand / NEWSMODO Source: Supplied
May 25, 2015 2:12PM FORTY years after the end of the Vietnam War this is a country which should be rising back to its feet. Instead it is crippled by the effects of Agent Orange, a chemical sprayed during combat, stripping leaves off trees to remove enemy cover. Its contaminant, […]

Vietnam’s horrific legacy: The children of Agent Orange

“Thank you for your service”…on second thought – by Rosemarie Jackowski / May 25th, 2015 It is Memorial Day again. Some will celebrate. Some will drink too much. Some will march in parades. Some will rally around the flag. Some will go shopping. Some will mourn. I am among the […]

Memorial Day Heroes

By David Jones – 24 May 2015 It’s Memorial Day here in America. That day where once a year citizens pay tribute to all things military. At sporting events those in attendance will be regaled with all manner of pomp and circumstance. There will be weepy testimonials about how those […]

It’s Memorial Day In America

Segregated buses
Military Court Watch – 21 May 2015 On Wednesday, 20 May 2015, the Prime Minister of Israel announced the freezing of a plan to segregate passengers on buses travelling in the West Bank based on their race or national identity. The announcement came less than one day after the regulation […]

No to segregated buses; yes to segregated courts